Our Story


Mr Phinit Sirivadhanakul founded a micro stoneware ceramic manufacturing business on a small land in Ban Rai Santisuk village, Pong Saen Thong, Mueang Lampang District, Lampang Province. The business is the first factory in Lampang to started one-firing ceramic production process or single firing process. Due to the production process which differ from other businesses make the business have a very low production cost, make the ceramic price to be affordable to the public. The products of the business are quickly recognised in the middleman.

Later in 1990, The product became very popular in Thailand. Mr Phinit has relocated the plant to built on 1.40 acre of land at Nong Hua Hok Village, Chomphu District, Muang District, Lampang Province and named “SP Ceramic Factory” which an acronym that consists of the initials of Sirivadhanakul Phinit (name of founder).


SP Ceramic joined Bangkok International Gift fair or “BIG” to expended their markets. The products of the factory are interested by foreign customers.


The factory had their first international purchase order from a British customer.


The factory had their first purchase order from a French customer.


The factory was affected by the Asian financial crisis force. Thai government was forced to float the Thai baht. From this crisis allowed international customers to buy more goods with a lower U.S. dollar. So, the factory received a lot of long-term purchase orders from the Netherlands, Belgium, U.S.A., Australia, Hong Kong and Germany.


SP Ceramic Factory filed a Memorandum to converted the business to a limited company to be original manufacturing and export home decorative item made of ceramic and named “S P Ceramic Collection Company Limited”.


The company was affected by global financial crisis forced American customer to leave.


The company was affected from the lower euro currency by European debt crisis. Make products of the company to sell harder.


From the event bring an idea to Mr Wattanapong Sirivadhanakul (Son of the founder) to transform the company to split into two companies to refocus, refresh and reignite the idea and innovation of each companies’ business strategy. So, the DANIELEWORKS was founded.

DANIELEWORKS Limited is a Thai company based in Lampang, Thailand. It was founded on 27 February 2017 by Mr Wattanapong Sirivadhanakul, Mr Phinit Sirivadhanakul and Mrs Niyom Sirivadhanakul. DANIELEWORKS found Mr Wattanapong Sirivadhanakul in believe that Thai ceramic has a great quality and with the great craftsmanship of Thai native people. Thai ceramic can compete in the international market. DANIELEWORKS also committed to adopting a social enterprising by preserving native products from refugees and native peoples to preserving the local culture for the future generations.