Our Values


We work diligently to produce better quality products to our customers. At the same time, it also takes into consideration the impact on the environment, community and society associated with our supply chain. We maintain the highest professional ethical and moral standards to our customers and peoples we contact with.

Enterprising and Creativity

We create creativity and enterprising mindset. We go above and beyond in our creative and innovative leadership with a forward-looking mindset.


We all join forces and create teamwork. We are united to archive personal goals and company goals. By cooperation, mutual respect and loyalty.


We are committed to strive to create excellence. We dedicate to ensuring that DANIELEWORKS and our brands are admired and trust of our customers and every life which touches our products.

Our Commitment

To customers

DANIELEWORKS, we treat our customers with fairness. We strive to create the highest standards of product quality and safety in using at a fair price. Moreover, secure our customer’s privacy with the highest standard. Meanwhile, we listen to customers’ voice and feedback and give the right solutions and the right products for them. To impress, loyalty and trust from our customers.

To suppliers

DANIELEWORKS and our suppliers we take the highest standard when it comes to human rights, environmental protection and responsible business practices in our supply chain. Together with our partners, we go above and beyond accepted industry practices to improve the lives of our suppliers’ employees.

To business partners

DANIELEWORKS, we conduct fair business practice with our partners while promoting trust, relationship and cooperation to expand business capability and increase efficiency in long-term business relationship.

To employees

DANIELEWORKS, we open to every people and every diversity without any limit and treat with fairness and equality. Because we think humanity live inclusion, humanity is plural, not singular. The best way to works is everyone works as a team and unite to create a creativity and innovative to driven the world forward. Everybody should be given the opportunity to perform ability to act and the thought. It also supports continuous professional development. To create a loyalty to the company.

To community and society

DANIELEWORKS, we care the community and society everywhere that we live and encourage our employees to have their free time to support their social activities. Because, We believe, to be successful, we need the push from those around us.

To environment

DANIELEWORKS, we commit to create the best product for our users and the best for this world. And we continue to strive to preserve our natural resources and environment for future generations. Like powering our datacentre facilities with 100% renewable energy. This is just a beginning of how we reduce greenhouse gas emissions which affect the climate change to the world. Our goal is to leave the planet better than we found it.

To country and relevant government agencies

DANIELEWORKS, we strictly follow the law that deals with the company. To cooperate in the activities requested by the relevant government agencies.

To shareholders

DANIELEWORKS, we operate profitable business that leads to sustainable growth while generating optimum returns.